About Neil

Neil Ihde, founder of Life IQ and Type IQ, is a personality expert with an MA in Counseling, a BA in Psychology and a BA in Sociology. In addition to 15 years of clinical and organizational psychology experience, Neil is not only a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Consultant, but has achieved the prestigious title of Master Practitioner. A Master Practitioner MBTI® Consultant has demonstrated their expertise through a volume of client contact hours and additional training and workshops. In addition, Neil is certified to administer the FIRO-B®, Strong Career Interest Inventory®, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument® (TKI) and the CPI 260®.

"This is not just a day job for me," explains Neil. "This is my passion. I love illuminating people's potential. The MBTI® has the power to transform lives and I consider it a privilege to be a part of that process."

CPP®, the publisher of the MBTI®, selected Neil as an exemplary ICON® (Independent Consultant) and featured him in a 2008 ad campaign. Neil has been an author and contributor to the Myers-Briggs ICON website. Neil was also hand-picked to be a featured expert on Myers-Briggs Thinkbox® website, where his instructional Myers-Briggs® videos were viewed by thousands.

Neil is a nationally recognized speaker. Check out his other personal and professional development topics at www.lifeiq.com.

Interview with Mike Shur, Product Marketing Manager of CPP
Neil Ihde