Neil is very, very good at what he does. He won over a tough, intelligent crowd through his engaging presentation style and his entertaining storytelling. Neil clearly spent a great deal of time researching our organization, which earned him instant credibility and demonstrated to our group that he had tailored the discussion to our specific interests and needs. Our data-hungry group was impressed with his depth of subject matter expertise and his ability to explain concepts in layman's terms. He delivered on everything we asked, and more. Well done! - Scott Brubaker , Managing Director , Alvarez & Marsal

I've attended a lot of workshops over 25 years and Neil's was one of the best I have ever seen. - Alex Gebhard , Assistant Finance Director , City of Tacoma

Neil's training program for our front-line managers was fantastic. He was able to engage participants and provide them with information they could use in their daily work environment. - Amy Charais , HR Director , Gannett

I had the pleasure of utilizing Neil's services both as a speaker for my client events and my CEO network and as a consultant/trainer for my senior management team. As a speaker he provided thought provoking, relevant topics that kept the audience informed as well as entertained. He was an excellent ambassador for our organization and the feedback was extremely positive. I also had engaged Neil as a consultant and trainer for my new management team. My team and I enjoyed working with him and his training created a much more cohesive team. I will utilize his services again. - Lane Sieman , Founder and CEO , HealthOne, Inc.

Understanding how you and others prefer to take in information, make decisions, and communicate can be a huge advantage. Neil gives a wonderful insight into this illuminating way of looking at the world. I have learned a lot from his classes. - Jonathan Perrott , E-Learning Professional , Twickenham UK

I have learned a lot from Neil's in depth knowledge of Myers-Briggs. Neil gave me, for the first time in my life, the permission and confidence for me to be me. - Ann Wales , Administrative Coordinator , Workforce Connections

Neil's insights into personalities and relationships is incredible! His explanations of the MBTI are practical and his everyday examples bring the material to life. My team understands one another better and we communicate more effectively as a direct result of Neil's trainings. - Clint West , General Manager , MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company

Neil was a big win for our conference. We were delighted to have a nationally recognized speaker at our event. His expertise was evident and participants commented that his breakout session was one of the best and that the takeaways were priceless. - Joy Kapheim , Leaderfest Chair

Having worked with other MBTI Practitioners, after five years I was still unsure about my best fit type, so I contacted Neil. The video conference itself was very insightful, and Neil was very affirming and easy to talk to. After an hour of talking with Neil, I feel sure of my personality type, and more able to look at techniques for enhancing communication and efficiency. I would recommend Neil to anybody who is serious about embarking on an MBTI journey, no matter which stage they are at. - Laura Hyde , England

What I've appreciated about Neil is that rather than telling me 'this is you and here's why', he instead listened and asked deep and searching questions that encouraged introspection and deep thought. And that's the way it ought to be. I've worked with other type practitioners before, but Neil was the only one who has been completely unbiased and as a result, after several years of trying to determine my best-fit type, I only now, with Neil's patient assistance, have discovered it. - Ann , California

I found your explanation of my type in your video right on the mark! I wish I'd run across it earlier because it is so absolutely accurate and well articulated that I was blown away the first time I watched it. In order to verify my type, I went through various interviews with amateur and professional typers, spent months in online forums, and read anything I could get my hands on regarding the MBTI...but, in truth, had I seen your video earlier I wouldn't have doubted my type at all. Thank you for your videos. They are extremely well done and have helped a lot of people. - Matt , YouTube channel subscriber

(Neil) defines the personality types in the simplest, best way I've seen yet - YouTube subscriber

Neil was incredibly professional and fun to work with. He worked with our group to make sure we would get the most out of the MBTI for our diverse group. The program was both entertaining and incredibly insightful to how we interact with one another. We would definitely enjoy bringing him back for another event. Thank you! - Heather Black , Project Management Mobility Solutions , AT&T

Neil took on such a guiding role in working with my nurses in management positions. I knew I wanted someone that could provide them information and knowledge on the use of the MBTI assessment. What I didn't know, was that Neil would engage the members, interact so fully, and truly provide an exceptional experience for them. We always take the opportunity to see how well our members felt the presenter did -and out of more than 40 speakers, Neil ranked #1 -and I have some pretty amazing speakers!! Truly respect the knowledge and collegial attitude that you brought to the ANNA conference. Thanks Again Neil!! - Dr. Hazel Dennison , Director of Education Services , American Nephrology Nurses Association , Pitman , New Jersey